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Aventech International

The Aventech team is committed to ensuring all our customers are satisfied with quality, delivery and price competitiveness of the products we provide. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Military & Commercial

We are specialists in the acquisition and exportation of U.S. Military and Commercial related parts, hardware, equipment and components.

Land/Ground Forces

We have the network, trusting relationships, supportive organizational structure to manage any order, throughout the middle east and other regions of the world.

Marine Products

We understand the challenges and complications associated with locating and transporting goods and services into the International market places, from the U.S.

Competitive Pricing

Aventech prides itself on acquiring goods & providing services for our customers, based on best value acquisitions.

Certified Delivery

Aventech works closely with the worlds best shipping company's such as DHL Global and FedEx, ensuring our customers delivery requirements are met.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is one of our primary objectives. Ensuring that we meet or exceed your expectations.


Capabilities Statement

Aventech International, Inc. Specializes in the exportation and provisioning of military and commercial aircraft, marine, and land forces with parts, hardware, equipment and components. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery and quality products and services at competitive prices. Aventech was founded in 2003 as a procurement source providing best value acquisitions in support of the USAF and RSAF Peace Sun FMS Program in Saudi Arabia. This entailed reviewing and proposing a diversified range of parts, hardware and equipment requirements providing logistical and other support services for F-15 Fighter Aircraft. Since then we have diversified into providing acquisition support for other military aircraft, marine and ground force applications.
NAIC: (North American Industry Classification System) Available
SIC: (Standard Industrial Classification): Available
US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls: REGISTERED
DUNNS: 14467034
Cage Code: 346W7

Core Competencies

 Engines         Altitude Encode         Amplifier           Antenna's
 Brakes          Exhausts                     Instruments     Lighting
 Propellers    Voltage Regulators   Engine Monitoring Systems    

 Heading Repeaters                Optical Bearing Devices        Signal Converters    
 Navigation Systems               Communications Systems    Alarm & Monitoring Systems
 Power Generation Systems  Fire Detection Systems

 Engines       Brake Systems       Exhausts             Pumps
 Gauges        Instruments           Communications Equipment


We have the network, trusting relationships and supportive organizational structure to manage any order, throughout the USA, Middle East and other regions of the world.

Company Snapshot

John Newell

 Woman Owned Small Business
 Small Business Enterprise
  U.S. Air Force
  RSAF Peace Sun Program
  Aerospace & Defense
  Middle East

This entailed reviewing and proposing a diversified range of parts, hardware and equipment requirements providing logistical and other support services for the F-15 Fighter Aircraft, at various operational and training air bases around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently engaged in supporting a wide variety of multiple military platforms in the air, land and sea, in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

NAICS & Class Codes

481219    Other Nonscheduled Air Transportation
488510    Freight Transportation Arrangement
541614    Process, Physical Distribution, And Logistics Consulting Services
R706          Support-Management: Logistics Support
V111          Transportation/Travel/Relocation-Transportation: Air Freight
V115          Transportation/Travel/Relocation-Transportation: Vessel Freight
V113          Transportation/Travel/Relocation-Transportation: Stevedoring
V112          Transportation/Travel/Relocation-Transportation: Motor Freight Download Capabilities Statement

Meet Your Support Team

We have the knowledge, expertise and capability to deliver your requirements that your project or customers will need across the Defense, Aerospace and Commercial spectrum. Functioning as a procurement arm for our clients existing business structure, we allow their operations to concentrate on servicing their customers and expanding their core business activities in more profitable pursuits.

John J. Newell

VP of Contracts and Business Operations

Mr. Newell has an illustrious twenty-five (25) years plus in the Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Commercial Industries. He’s an Expatriate for most of his career living and working in many countries of the Middle East; Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE, working on major multi-billion dollar programs such as the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Peace Sun and Egypt’s F-16 EPSS program. Mr. Newell has worked with The Boeing Company, McDonnall Douglas, BDM Corp., NASA, Lockheed and Intermec technologies. He is best known for building strong, trusting, long term relationships. John is exceptional in negotiations, working hard to bring people together for a common goal.

Charles E. Glentz

V.P. of Sales and Business Development

Charlie Glentz Joined Aventech International, Inc. as the Vice President of Sales & Business Development. With his 30-plus years career, he brings extensive business experience, in administration management, logistics, procurement and purchasing. Mr. Glentz has managed multi-national organizations throughout the Middle East and Africa. He has specialized in areas such as Ministry of Defense, foreign and domestic military units, developing business relationships. Mr. Glentz held managerial positions with Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Kellogg Brown & Root, Radiance Technologies, Sverdrup Technology, as well as other high-profile companies. Charlie brings strength to the team, building on executive management, corporate and business strategies and operational expertise. He is a value added asset to our/your team.

Quality Control

A word about Aventech's quality guarantee

Aventech International, Inc. works with excellent freight companies to obtain the best price for their customers. DHL Global, formerly DHL DANZA, is a favorite and has been utilized by Aventech since 2003. They're a company with purpose ensuring whatever needs to be delivered gets delivered. Whether by Air, Sea, or Ground, Aventech will select the best source for shipping your order to you on time.

Customer survey
Customer Service
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Price Comparison
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Turnaround & Delivery
96% Complete (success)
Overall Satisfaction
97% Complete (success)

Aventech Products

Aventech International Inc. is an excellent source for all your acquisition needs and requirements. We specialize in purchasing from qualified sources of supply such as; Original Equipment Manufacturer's (O.E.M.'s), Distributors and Wholesalers bringing you high quality parts, equipment and components, at competitive prices. Aventech International, Inc., provides International support to foreign friendly governmental Air, Land and Sea forces. Let us be your professional procurement source for all your supply chain requirements.

Aventech is not limited to the products listed here. We are a full-service procurement company. Our capabilities allow you to streamline your parts sourcing process. Our National Stock Number and Manufacturing Part number search solutions allows us to quickly find and buy the parts you need. Whether it be Military or Commercial applications, we WILL get the job done.


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Contacting Aventech International, Inc.

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We do not give out prices over the phone.
Please fill out an Aventech Incorporated RFQ form, fax (702) 832-1710 or email our support team for questions or request for quote

Support team point of contact:
John Newell
Vice President/Support Team
West Coast
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Charles E. Glentz
Vice President/Support Team
East Coast
Mobile: (321) 480-1566


Aventec International, Inc.

2905 Lake East Drive, Ste 150
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Tel: 1(702) 623-2573
Fax: 1(702) 832-1710